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12 September 2013 @ 03:17 am
well idk if i ever put this in my things-to-do-before-i-die-list but i hv finally done my 1st and 2nd inks. YAYYYYYYY~
got 'em from Vice Ink, Makati Ave. Philippines during my vacation last month :)
and seriously i didn't know that Marlon Capuno, the owner and tattooist of the parlor is THAT famous!!!
when i found out recently, i was like, "wow~ i didn't know that".

marlon capuno2maron capuno of vice ink
Marlon Capuno

anyway here are the gorgeous babies...
left wing left wing right wingright wing
it doesn't look identical due to the camera angle.
anyway i'm thinking of touching it up and add a little detail for it later.
for the time being i'm pretty satisfied with it :)
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